Bang bang bang.

In this terrible moment, there are two creatures who explode into blood fog.
Lin Dong, you will regret that you dare to kill us Shengguang Dynasty people. The day after tomorrow, you will be with the lost dog Li Sheng, whose pores are full of blood. He growled bitterly.
Big brother won’t let you go. You can’t escape. Your field will be many times more miserable than ours. Wait and see.
Li Cheng’s bitter roar just fell on his body and he couldn’t resist the terrible force and exploded with a bang.
The earth seems to have become silent at this moment, and people look at it, which is almost a bloody fog. Wang Chaoqiang, the holy light, can’t help but tremble all over. At this point, one of the top seven creatures has achieved great success, but even the bones have not stayed.
A series of eyes looked at the sky with some awe and fear, a young figure, so that they knew that it was not a good man and a woman who offended him before, and no matter what you saw, his hand would not be the slightest bit soft.
Moling three people looked at the sunken earth and couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva at this time. Just now, the strong light dynasty burst into clouds of blood fog in front of them.
Lin Langtian, the city wall, looked at this scene with extremely gloomy eyes. He knew that even if he was the mysterious Yuan God, he would be seriously injured and far away today.
After the fighting capacity is really beyond his thought of here, Lin Langtian’s murder is more than surging up. Now Lin Dong is also the best time to spend a spent force after this war.
In Lin Langtian’s heart, when the murder surged, the sky looked pale. Lin moved the palm of his hand, and suddenly the ground was swept by a dry bag of Kun. These guys want to come to the holy light dynasty, and they should also have some good assets. For these Lin moved, they should go as the war department.
After taking all the dry Kun bags away, Lin suddenly turned to the wall and saw his eyes sweep to the wall. Immediately, he stepped back, and no one seemed to dare to be watched by him.
And in the crowd, a figure still stands, with a very gloomy face and a thick murder in his eyes.
Lin Langtian is no longer patient, and I won’t let you go tonight even if you don’t do it.
Staring at that figure, Lin’s eyes are also full of murder. For this fallen stone man, he hates Lin Langtian more than these kings of light.
Say anything tonight to get rid of this evil in my heart.
Horse on the 15th in the middle of the month to ask you for a monthly ticket a dozen tickets a day to see in tears. Thank you. Chapter four hundred and eleven Forced away.
When the sound of Lin Dong’s murder sounds like ice, the wall around Lin Langtian is almost swinging in an instant, and people are scattered like the plague. Seeing this appearance, it seems that Lin Dong has a lot of grievances after seeing the previous war. They know that it is better to stay away from all the enemies of Lin Dong, otherwise they will not be able to cry once they are caught in the wave.
MoLing three people are also dazed, but they didn’t say anything more. They know Lin Dong’s grievances in Lin Langtian and Lin Langtian obviously wanted to sit and watch Lin Dong’s personality after he was killed. It is absolutely impossible to let it go easily.
And although they are all partners in the Great Inflammation Dynasty, Lin Dong and Lin Langtian are all partners, but now they are inclined to Lin Dong, and it is obviously impossible for them to stop Lin Dong’s words with their mouths or hands.
Because they chose before Lin moved to Lin Langtian.
And for those around the swinging wall Lin Langtian canthus is also can’t help but twitch for a while, eyes cold and staring at the forest new way now, I’m afraid you have a strong crossbow anger and want to kill me wishful thinking.
Smell speech Lin’s eyes also passed with a sneer. I’m afraid it’s difficult for you to think of waiting until I spend a spent force.
As soon as the voice fell, Lin’s mind moved, and the overbearing swallowing power was its body storm surge, and the vitality of the surrounding world suddenly surged, and finally it continued to drill into Lin’s body.
These vitality were instantly swallowed up when they entered Lin’s body, and the refining and chemical rolling force dripped in his limbs. Suddenly, the force lost after a previous war was quickly restored
Holding and devouring Zufu Lin requires him to be energetic enough. He is almost a tireless fighting machine. I’m afraid it’s not that easy to wait until his strength is exhausted and the battle drops.
Thick vitality continuously flows into the forest body, and the forest breath climbs again in many stunned eyes. Although it has not reached the peak for a while, it has also returned to a normal state.
Terrible resilience
Looking at this scene, many people are secretly shocked by this terrible recovery speed and the fighting capacity of the earth. It is no wonder that Lin’s great achievement in nature is his ability to slay the peak of nature.
Lin Langtian, the city wall, also felt the rapid recovery of Lin’s breath. When his face became particularly gloomy, he dropped some abacus again.
Lin Langtian rolled around to die.