Pearl will be caught by crows? Under the command of his master, he flew up and down, twitching from left to right, unwilling to be taken away by crows or caught by crows.

At that time, one wanted to hide, the other wanted to catch, and only the violent wind that the two armies were tossing in front of each other made it stink. The crows condensed by Fu Bing fought more and more fiercely, not only absorbing the mana of Fu Bing, but also croaking and barking, and the vicious gas was swallowed by the crows.
Every time an evil breath is swallowed, the illusory raven is fierce, and it does not spit out ropes to scratch the pearl. Second, it pours out endless black smoke to diffuse the earth. At that time, a huge black cloud lurks in front of the two armies, with pearls flashing from time to time and crows chirping.
"Wang Daoyou, I haven’t seen you in this costume for many days, which really surprised me." When Wang Guang was enjoying himself in Chengtou, he didn’t want to suddenly hear a voice coming from behind. The voice was familiar, but he didn’t understand it when he remembered it carefully.
Looking around, Wang Guang couldn’t help exclaiming, "Is it you?"

Chapter seventy-two Snake Road to crow defeat
"Are you surprised?" People laughed.
Wang Guang nodded, only to see someone coming to his upper body, carrying a bronze tripod on his back, and a little fishy smell emerged from the bronze tripod, with only an animal skin around his waist, barefoot and unarmed. Behind him with dozens of men in the same costume, one by one eye dew yoshimitsu, a bloody breath foaming at the mouth.
"Snake friends, what are you doing here? Could it be that the tunnel people allowed you to come here? " Wang Guang naturally knows the Taoist priest in front of him, and he is the snake Taoist priest who received some copper ingots from himself.
Hearing Wang Guang’s words, Taoist Snake couldn’t help giggling: "It was the Taoist Cleavage who sent me. He saw that your progress was too slow, so he sent me and some others."
Wang Guang was embarrassed when he heard that the stranger said that he was making too slow progress here. As the Snake Road flyover said, according to the plan, he did not say that he would master three or five large families at this time, but also seven or eight mineral deposits. But now he can only get a few minerals from the big prince and Laurence family, and those minerals are for his own use, except for a part that was initially given to the tunnel people.
Shame in my heart, I can’t say anything for a while. "That snake friend, being original, has caused trouble here. You are just here to help. Thank you very much." Say and salute.
"It doesn’t matter. After all, there are too few people who belong to us here in Tianyu Dynasty, and it is normal to make slow progress. The crack leader didn’t say anything." Road flyover snake Gaga laughed. "I heard that you provoked a witch some time ago, and the other party almost killed you. Is this the case?"
"False rumors." Wang Guangyi repeatedly waved his hand and refused to recognize it. "I saw that the woman was pitiful and couldn’t bear to kill her. I thought that letting her go again and again would make her turn over a new leaf. I didn’t think that there were some mistakes. Finally, I gave her a good lesson and let her go."
The snake road flyover listened to Wang Guang’s defense, but he just laughed and refused to refute it again and again. Wang Guang was also a cheeky fellow, and he proudly told the other party about his changes. Among them, she said that she was chased by a female practitioner and she was desperate. She said that she led her to travel in order to make the other person calm.
After talking, Wang Guang invited Taoist Snake to talk about the camp in detail. He didn’t want Taoist Snake to shake his head and refuse, but this man reached out and pointed. "Who do you think will win the following battle?"
"I think the road flyover crow can win. This fellow is not only supported by hundreds of Fu Bing, but his mount is also a formidable object." Wang Guang did not hesitate to make his own judgment. "What do friends mean by asking these words? Don’t you think Taoist crow can’t resist the Aoki Sect’s spiritual practitioner? "
Road flyover Snake sneered, "Exactly. It seems that the crow player has the upper hand. Unfortunately, this fellow only has Fu Bing and his mount, and there is no other means. Not to mention whether the avatar can manipulate a few times, even he has not practiced several kinds of Taoism. How can he win if he relies solely on foreign things? What’s more, it’s only a matter of time before his Fu Bing practice fails and his power is not displayed. When Aoki Zong’s boy is familiar with the means, he will definitely fight back. "
Wang Guang didn’t believe it, and the snake Taoist didn’t argue with him, so the two of them watched silently in the city.
"If the road flyover crow can’t resist, being original must take the opportunity to kill that boy of Aoki Zong, so that he won’t find the soul I want later." Wang Guang’s face is ferocious and he thinks silently. As for whether he will get into other troubles after killing Aoki Zong, this fellow didn’t think about it at all.
But in a quarter of an hour, the black smoke in the field rolled more violently, and the originally extremely thick black smoke was melted by more than half of the pearl that suddenly broke out. Then I saw a blue-robed trainer coming out of the black smoke. The trainer rubbed his hands, and gold pieces of B-wood thunder flew out of his hands and Fu Bing, who was sitting cross-legged below, blew up.
Those Fu Bing eyes dementia, where know dodge? It’s just a lot of handling methods to maintain the art of war of the head operator. Road flyover crow has just been traumatized, and he is confident that his Fu Bing can withstand it, so he never takes it to heart.
Blink of an eye, the thunder struck Fu Bing, only to see a loud bang, the black mask hanging around Fu Bing was instantly fragmented, and thousands of logs emerged out of thin air. The logs rolled and stirred, and hundreds of Fu Bing were strangled. Blood rained everywhere, the meat pieces were scattered randomly, and the pillars of clouds dispersed out of thin air, and the recovering art of war seemed to shrink by more than half.
"good means!" Wang Guang long, he never thought that Fu Bing would be broken in this way.
At the same time, the road flyover crow saw that his Fu Bing was destroyed, and immediately he made a long cry, manipulating the art of war and grabbing the blue robe trainer.
I saw the practitioner clap his head, and the Aoki crown scattered boundless green light, which burst like a fountain, and the blue smoke entangled the French crow to prevent it from falling. At the same time, I saw his shoulders flash, and the method of pinching was determined. The flying sword on his back turned into hundreds of lights and strangled the Fu Bing who were still cross-legged on the ground below.
Black smoke blocked the road, but the crow road flyover knows that hundreds of lights are true or false? Stopped more than half but didn’t stop the real flying sword. The remaining light merged into one, and it fell into a stir in Fu Bing. In an instant, the big head fell to the ground, and the blood column went up into the sky.
Wang Guang was so anxious that he didn’t dare to wait. He tugged at the waist gourd and placed it in Chengtou, and took out three pieces of sandalwood from the treasure bag to light it.
"Infinite Buddha! When will the baby not shoot? " Say and bow down.
This worship, the dark gourd turned, and a black light more than three feet long emerged from the gourd. Then Wang Guang made two more obeisances, and two black lights three feet long emerged from the gourd and merged into the first one.
Gal, three feet long black light is like a crystal standing quietly in the air, three sandalwood fast burning, three to five breathing time, sandalwood burning out, a large group of light smoke like milk swallow homing drill into the black light.
Got sandalwood smoke, black light flashing, turned a circle at the top of the gourd, and instantly appeared next to the head of Aoki Sect.
Aoki Zong’s trainer is also a great figure. Although he is manipulating Fu Bing, who had no time to close the crow road flyover, he also noticed the black light from Wang Guang.
Just as he wanted to use his means to abolish the black light that suddenly appeared around him, he saw that the black light easily pierced the mask formed by the Aoki crown and then wound around his neck.
"I am not reconciled." The blue robe shouted at the National People’s Congress. After saying his word, his head was twisted by black light. The head trembled and wanted to go by surprise, but the black light didn’t want to. I saw the black light spread, wrapped my head at once and returned to the gourd.
"Your magic weapon is really powerful." Road flyover snake looked at the gourd and absorbed his head, so he gasped. "Fierce gas, resentment, bloody gas and murderous look are all gathered in it. It’s a good magic weapon." While speaking, the snake road flyover glanced at Wang Guang.
Wang Guang only felt a cold, a murderous look enveloped him, and his heart suddenly became angry. "Infinite Buddha! Does Snake Daoyou have any ideas? " With a snort of cold, Wang Guang reached out and pointed at the gourd, and a black light was drilled in the mouth of the gourd, twisting and shaking in the air. As long as you see a snake Taoist with a strong heart, Heiguang will not hesitate to cut off the other person’s head.
"Some ideas." Road flyover snake’s eyes twinkled, but he dared not look Wang Guang in the eye. "I’m very curious about how you trapped each other’s soul with this magic weapon and dragged it back at once?"
"It’s just a record in the book of Zongmenkou, and it’s not a secret method. If you have the heart, you can go to the Sutra Pavilion to read the classics." Wang Guang frowned and didn’t hide it. He directly said the means of refining this magic weapon himself.
Hearing this, the snake Taoist sighed, turned and pointed to the front of the two armies and said, "That fellow is an Aoki Sect. Although he can’t have Taoist books and classics with him, he must have magic weapons. Why don’t you go forward and take them away? Don’t let the boy who plays with crows take them away."
Wang Guang smiled strangely. "He doesn’t dare to fool around." Say eye dew yoshimitsu, ruthlessly stare at the crow road flyover below to pick up the body.
Road flyover crow seems to feel Wang Guang’s eyes, and while shaking the flag to fold the remaining Fu Bing back, he turned his head and glanced at ChengTou. See Wang Guang dew yoshimitsu, heart can’t help but tremble.
"Don’t worry, Taoist. After I have picked up all the treasures, I will definitely return them to Taoist." Then this fellow jumped out of the bird’s nest, commanded the big bald crow to peck at the dead bodies on the ground one by one, and spewed out a black smoke to roll up the flying swords, pearls and bodies scattered on the ground, and returned to Chengtou while a black wind blew.
"Thank you for saving your life." Road flyover crow eyes flashing, see Wang Guang dew yoshimitsu staring at himself, although the heart is not frank, but also dare not expect. On the one hand, I have seen Wang Guang’s means, on the other hand, because I spend too much mana, I will definitely suffer a big loss when fighting.
Then this fellow threw the body in front of Wang Guang. "I think the Taoist friend’s magic weapon can swallow flesh and blood and absorb boundless suffocation. Presumably, this person’s body can make the magic weapon more powerful."
Wang Guang nodded and didn’t say anything. His fingertips spewed smoke to roll down the Aoki crown and the waist treasure bag on the body. Then he patted the gourd, and the mouth of the gourd spewed black smoke to erode the body, and then he withdrew from the gourd.
"At that time, you stopped this boy on behalf of being original. Being original can’t thank you. The magic weapon will be yours and the treasure bag will be mine. Will you?"
"I dare not push it." Road flyover crow just wanted to talk about exchanging with Wang Guang, but when he looked up, he saw this fellow with a ferocious face and fierce eyes. How dare he talk about exchanging? Therefore, I nodded at once and bent over to put Aoki Crown, Flying Sword and Pearl in my arms.
Wang Guangda laughed, accused Taoist Snake of a crime, and returned to the camp in the city with the other person’s treasure bag. As for the practitioners who came out to seek revenge from him by the Daqi Dynasty, Li ignored half of them.
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