Without the protection of Master Dan, the Qi of Heaven nourished by the spirit pulse seems to have sensed something, and it began to roll violently, and yet a strange roar emanated from it. The spirit pulse is slightly shaking, as if to come back to life.

Wang Guang didn’t delay time. He threw out the red sand bursts with a bite of his teeth and tried his best to encourage mana to begin to absorb. Under this full absorption, another diabolical surprise appeared in front of his eyes.
I saw the endless air and water in the sky generally drilling into the array. The array is getting bigger and bigger, and the speed of the air drilling in this day is faster. However, after three to five breathing hours, the gas of the sky contained in that picture reached Wang Guang’s bottom line requirement. And this time, there are still endless days around the qi tore the spirit vein, mixed with the spirit vein fragments all drill to the array figure.

Chapter two hundred and fourteen The fate of the day, the earth, the black soil
Chapter two hundred and fourteen The fate of the day, the earth, the black soil
Chapter two hundred and fourteen
This picture stretches infinitely, and even in just over a hundred breathing hours, the whole spiritual vein is mixed with a lot of natural gas to swallow into the red sand bursts. wTTZW365。 At this time, Wang Guang also felt that there were dozens of Yuan gods outside locking him, and the powerful mana fluctuation made him feel extremely dangerous.
"The boundless Buddha is just drawing a pulse, but it is just making some days angry. Why do so many people come to deal with me?" Wang Guang gave a grimace of a grin. He guessed that all the practitioners outside belonged to Xianinverse Sect.
Just collected enough days of qi, Wang Guang had no idea to fight with these people. After swallowing the array into the dream world of then, this fellow cast a fire escape technique and broke through the ground. In an instant, he disappeared into the lock of these practitioners in a thousand miles.
One day and night in running all the way, this fellow dispersed his magical power and landed in a barren mountain stream. The aura here is very thin, filled with miasma and poisonous smoke everywhere, and there are countless poisonous insects and beasts walking among them.
After making a simple abode of fairies and immortals, Wang Guang had time to take out the red sand bursts to watch.
The red light on this picture is flashing, which is much more beautiful than before. If you look closely, you will see that red light is occasionally mixed with one or two black patterns. Those black patterns are looming, and the number is very rare. There are a lot of reiki coming out of the array. As soon as these reiki emerged from the array, they were absorbed by Wang Guang.
"Now we have the spirit of heaven, but only the spirit of earth and the spirit of man. In the future, the power of this array will be truly displayed." While playing with the array in his hand, diabolical thought about going there to collect the remaining two kinds of breath.
The atmosphere of that place is the easiest to collect. As long as he is immersed in the earth, it is easy to absorb it. It’s just that popularity needs him to go to a populous place to get it. Moreover, the popularity among people in heaven and earth is the most difficult to absorb.
This popularity is actually the result of hundreds of millions of human thoughts, among which there are countless grievances. To use these popularity, he must clean them up. And this kind of cleaning will cost him a lot of time.
"Billions of the world of mortals, that is, the human spirit, want to quickly extract these smells, at least killing must be done. If you don’t kill, it can’t be absorbed without 3500 years. I’m afraid it would be a piece of cake to kill thousands of people before the disaster of heaven and earth, but now I’m afraid that countless practitioners will come out looking for trouble as soon as I start, and how many nails can I twist when I’m original and covered in iron? I’m afraid that before being original can collect people’s qi, they will be completely destroyed. After all, today’s mortals are the foundation of the practice world. If a large number of people are killed, I’m afraid this practice world will slowly decline. Those who are in power will definitely not allow this to happen. " The diabolical thought for a long time, but I couldn’t figure it out at that time, so I shook my head in annoyance and put it behind me for the time being.
After calming his mind, diabolism threw the array into the air, while his body got into it and prepared to refine it according to the secret method.
After entering the array, Wang Guang appeared directly on the central gossip platform. The three jars there have already disappeared, leaving only a cloud of purple smoke rolling. This smoke is exactly what he extracted from the clear water dynasty. Moreover, after Wang Guangzhan was on the gossip platform, he found that the law space here seemed to be much larger than before, and the broken banners around the gossip platform were also much more complete than before.
"It seems that it was caused by the spiritual pulse being integrated into the array. Hehe, this spiritual pulse can expand the array space and repair the damage. If you extract more from being poor, I am afraid you will recover much faster than yourself." The idea flashed through his mind, and then he shook his head and suppressed it.
You know, since the catastrophe of heaven and earth, although the aura between heaven and earth has increased dozens of times or even more than before, the number of spiritual veins has decreased a lot. When the stars fell, these stars fell into the ground hundreds of millions of miles deep, and the spiritual veins formed with it were extremely huge, but they could only send out aura and float to the ground a little bit, and even the immortals didn’t have the ability to drill into the underground hundreds of millions of miles to extract and use the spiritual veins.
Nowadays, most of the spiritual veins that can be found in the practice world are formed by tiny fragments of stars, and a small part of them are formed by the fusion of spiritual vein fragments before the disaster. As for cultivating spiritual pulse? This method has been lost.
On the one hand, it is difficult to find the special magic weapon needed to cultivate the spirit pulse, on the other hand, the requirements of the practitioners for the spirit pulse are not as fancy as before. Under the effect of a large number of drugs and spar, absorbing the aura emitted by the spirit pulse can not satisfy them at all. Only Zongmen searched for the location of the spiritual pulse and opened Zongmen.
But even so, the powerful beings in the world of practicing Qi attach great importance to the spiritual pulse. After all, every extra spiritual pulse means that they can open a clan door or a sub-clan. It is the dream of every powerful practitioner to spread his own orthodoxy and let everything pass down in this world of practicing Qi.
It is precisely because of this series of reasons that Wang Guang did not dare to extract the spirit pulse around too presumptuously even though he knew that the spirit pulse was of great help to his array.
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Instead of thinking in his heart, he said that after he found that there was no other change in the array, he opened his mouth and spit out a lipstick sand from the dream world of then.
This red sand is not condensed by magic, and it is not the ordinary red sand he used to refine. Instead, he went to the mountain peak where cinnabar was produced, collected millions of cinnabar essence and refined it into a blank, then refined it with the essence of stars for decades, and then threw it into the magma for refining and polishing. It was cultivated with mana for countless years, and it was refined after being eroded by Shaqi and monster blood.
A grain of red sand weighs 10,000 Jin. Under the urging of magic, it can be transformed into a mountain peak in a lifetime of two, two, three and ten million. This lipstick sand is sprayed out, only 9981 tablets.
Red sand emerged and fell into the air of that day. Then a broken bronze bell emerged from the law space, and the bronze bell oscillated. A somewhat broken gourd flew out from under the bronze bell and swallowed all the weather and red sand, and finally landed motionless on the gossip platform. Countless ShaQi poured into it, and began to repair the cracks on the gourd a little.
"Infinite Buddha" saw the influx of Shaqi, and Wang Guang was overjoyed.
Since the gourd was born, people will be surrounded by array maps in the future. All he needs to do is pour out a handful of red sand from the gourd and whisk it out, and the red sand will come out in pieces. Facing the red sand, the people who joined the array could not escape, only fought hard. Red sand rises, cold smoke condenses, Shaqi rolls, and evil wind bursts. Even an immortal can be knocked down by this red sand, not to mention the flow of deities.
"Heaven, earth, and people have achieved three things in one breath, and they have not wasted their hard work in the past few years." Watching the gourd grow, Wang Guang burst out laughing.
After pouring a handful of red sand from the gourd, raise your hand and throw it down. The red sand fell into pieces and disappeared, but it returned to the gourd. But as he whisked away the red sand, his mana was not consumed at all, but ShaQi in the array suddenly dissipated by one tenth.
"Infinite Buddha" felt ShaQi dissipate by one tenth, and Wang Guang’s face became ugly. Although this red sand is extremely powerful, it consumes ShaQi in the array. Every time you hit a handful of red sand, you will consume a lot of Shaqi. If Shaqi is exhausted, the power of this array will drop by more than half immediately, and it will be said that it is a deity, and even Dan Shi can’t hold it back.
"This ShaQi enough between heaven and earth, but most of them are scattered on the edge of the world. If you want to collect a lot of suffocation, you must find the edge of the world. Otherwise, if you want to collect suffocation to supplement the array, it will take at least several decades at a time. In this way, people are tied up and cannot display it. " Wang Guang rolled his eyes and began to think about the future. It’s just that the world of practicing Qi is boundless, among which there are as many practitioners as sand in the river. Even so many practitioners have never found the existence of the edge of the world.
However, Wang Guang got some information about Isag, the master of ancient ghosts and gods, and knew something about this world, so it was possible to find the edge of the world.
Jumping out of the array, before he put away the array, several treasure lights broke through the poisonous smoke and fell in front of Wang Guang.
"Demon way, don’t rob us of our treasure. Why don’t you leave quickly?" One of the treasure lights was separated from the left and right, and a lame Taoist came out from the inside. This man is bald and big-headed, and he is as fat as a pig. He speaks in a shrill voice, which makes people sick.
"Fuck off!" Wang Guang narrowed his eyes and looked at these practitioners carefully. These practitioners were just trained by Dan Shi, and their mana fluctuations were very similar. Obviously, they came from a clan. They are full of precious light, and the momentum is high, and they don’t put Wang Guang in their eyes at all.
"This Taoist friend, when I saw the treasure light rising from the sky here, I knew that there was a treasure unearthed, so I came to have a look." This is a young Dan teacher who stepped forward and bowed his head and said, "The treasure raised here has been living in virtue since ancient times. I think it is better to leave the precious Taoist friend just now."
"Being original Wang Guang, in practice. Dear Taoist friends, if you have an afterlife, you can seek revenge from being original. " Wang Guang is too lazy to dispute with these Dan teachers. In his eyes, these Dan teachers are ants. How can you crush them if you want? Why bother with other things? As soon as the words sound just fell, a pair of big hands emerged from behind his head and grabbed at these Dan teachers.