Although I didn’t gain any magical powers, everyone felt that the harvest was good.

After the illusory boulder appeared in turn, everyone did not leave, and they all began to study around this phantom. Wang Guang released his mind to observe the boulder, only to find that it was no different from the real boulder, and there was no difference at all. So are others.
"It has changed into a real stone." Just when Wang Guang was puzzled, a female practitioner took a compass and banged on the boulder, and found that the compass and body could no longer get in.
"What does this mean?" Wang Dazhong was surprised, and in desperation, he did not discuss with others. A pinch of his hands was three or two pieces of thunder on the boulder. A few loud noises, after the thunder and fire cleared, the tens of tall boulders had turned into a pile of rubble and scattered on the ground.
"What a strange thing." The evil monk was angry at first when he saw that Wang Guang had destroyed the boulder. He thought that he had destroyed the place where the treasure was hidden, but after careful thinking, he immediately understood Wang Guang’s thoughts. "Did I wait for a dream?"
The evil monk waved and threw a golden light on the ground, which is exactly what he practiced as a Buddhist thunder method. When the thunder burst, there was no other harvest except a hole 35 feet deep in the ground.
A practitioner grabbed a bottle from his arms and threw it on the gravel. The bottle broke and a mass of lung yin fire burned out of thin air.
"It’s not a dream, it’s the ancient gas practitioner who has a good hand, and we have no skill." Wang Guangshen took a deep breath and said to everyone, "Don’t miss the things here. They should be ours. No one can take them away. They shouldn’t be ours. Even if they wait here every day, they will get nothing."
Everyone felt something after listening to it, but they didn’t pay too much attention to it. There were also several practitioners who used their means to dig the earth, hoping to find the hole.
"Daoyou, it’s also a disaster for you to leave the lung yin fire here. I don’t think if you help me to accept it." The practitioner who threw the lung yin fire rubbed his hands awkwardly.
"It’s all right, leave this flame to burn the stone, and let’s see if it can change into red copper after a thousand years." The evil monk laughed again and again, but he teased the practitioner.
Although Wang Guang didn’t want to pay attention to each other, considering that the practitioner was helping him to kill his enemies, it was not easy to refuse. Instead, I took a jade bottle from my treasure bag and put that yin fire in it.
After a simple laugh here, they all used their own means to take off under the guidance of the female trainer and continue to kill the Laurence family trainer.
Dozens of days after Wang Guang and them left, all the rubble and potholes on the ground suddenly recovered, and then disappeared, leaving only a pit of several hundred feet on the ground. Soon there will be vegetation growing out of the deep pit, which is a wonder in this remote place.
The northernmost part of Jinzhou is the season when the cold wind is sharp and the palm-sized snowflakes are dancing with the cold wind. Suddenly, three practitioners come to ideal city. Those three practitioners are very noticeable.
Led by a person wearing a blue cassock, long hair, a face of ferocious, looking down at him, there is a fire and water silk sash tied around his waist, seven or eight inches long nails exposed from the cassock, nails collision, clanking is very frightening; There is a big monk with a juryman on his side. There are three or five scars on his big bald head, and his robe is half-open, revealing a handful of black chest hair. His face is shaking up and down when he walks, and he doesn’t look like a good man.
The last person is a weak girl wearing a palace costume of the Moon White Section. This girl wears a golden step shake and a jade belt around her waist, and walks with three steps. Coupled with the delicate and pretty appearance, it is very attractive.
"Miscellaneous hair, do you really want to continue to kill? That boy runs too fast. He seems to know that we are after him, and he can avoid the past every time. " When they arrived at the restaurant, some people brought wine and delicacies, and the three of them talked while eating and drinking. "Five years, for five years, poor monk and how many five years can be wasted? Wait another year, if I can’t kill that boy again, I’ll turn back and continue to build my thousand Buddhists. " The fat monk grabbed a pig leg and complained while eating.
"Infinite Buddha will be able to catch him this time." Taoist priests don’t care about the evil monk’s words. Three or five years ago, this evil monk shouted like this, and he kept shouting and never left now.
"Wang Daoyou, according to my calculation and his previous habits, as long as he appears here, he will definitely go to the quicksand area to find the ancient magic weapon. Then we will follow him and find the boy." A woman turned the compass in her hand and whispered. "Where he used to stay, all treasures appeared. Over the years, the distance we saw with him is getting closer and closer, all because he stayed in those places for too long. According to my calculation, he will appear in the quicksand area in three days, and we will kill him there then. It also saves running around. "
On the side of "Great Goodness", the evil monk swallowed the bones in his hand and readily agreed.
"You are a foodie and never think about things." The Taoist gave the evil monk a hard look, then turned to the female practitioner and said, "Taoist Nong Yu, whether you succeed or not this time, you can leave, and you don’t need to waste any more time on being original." When I remembered that seven or eight people had helped me to kill the Luo family, only one or two people were left, and Wang Guang was deeply impressed.
"Well, I have also repaid the kindness of the ancient Buddha, and it is justified to leave." Road flyover Nong Yu Yang corners of the mouth and laughed in a low voice.
The evil monk winked at Wang Guang again and again, but Wang Guang ignored him at all, and the evil monk who was only angry ate the food in front of him to vent his dissatisfaction. Road flyover Nong Yu covered her mouth and giggled.
"If I catch that boy this time, I must torture him. I’d like to see where he learned to escape and how he can run like this."
After eating and drinking, the three restaurants identified the direction and flew towards the quicksand area.
Along the way, countless practitioners also flew to the quicksand area, so Wang Guang and others were not afraid to get lost.
"Gold and silver jewelry moved the hearts of mortals, and the magical powers of ancient times moved the hearts of practitioners. There is not much difference between the two. " Seeing countless practitioners along the way, Wang Guang couldn’t help secretly worrying about whether he could find Laurence family practitioners among so many people.
"Jinzhou practitioners have not practitioners, to kill each other for a few spar, for some magic weapon achievement method is exhausted. It is even more evil and ferocious than Aizong. " Hearing Wang Guang’s exclamation, the evil monk interjected: "Almost all the clansmen in Jinzhou have ordered the clan disciples to be forbidden to fight against each other, but for the sake of profit, let alone killing other disciples, that is, their own masters want to kill them. It’s really more disgusting than evil ways. "
"Ha ha yi zong is not also changing towards this trend? When I first entered the Zongmen, the disciples in the inner gate only recruited people from the innate Jianghu who broke through two barriers. When I left the mountain gate, some Dan teachers took their descendants left in the world of practicing Qi to the inner gate, which made the inner gate confused a lot. " Wang guang at a side can’t help but sigh.
The Taoist Nong Yu ignored Wang Guang’s words and the evil monk’s words. She just held a compass and fiddled with it carefully, calculating the approximate location of the magic weapon unearthed.
A few practitioners saw that Wang Guang was not wearing a clan costume, and thought that they were scattered repairs. Therefore, they wanted to rob the road. They didn’t want to be slapped by Wang Guang, so they abruptly took them into paste. Aside the evil monk walked over to show the golden light behind his head and brushed those souls in.
"Bald donkey don’t rob again, those souls are being original. If this happens again, it will be your turn next time. " Angry, Wang Guang rolled up his Taoist robe and tried to fight. The evil monk ran away at once.
"Maitreya, these boys didn’t know it was the spiritual practitioner of the clan, so they pulled out their clothes so that they wouldn’t be recognized by the people in their clan and find us troublesome."
It’s said that he pulled out his clothes, but in fact he just left the bodies in the desert below and let the yellow sand cover them up.

Chapter one hundred and sixteen Nong Yu murderous look so simple
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Nong Yu murderous look so simple
Chapter one hundred and sixteen
Other practitioners passing by here were not afraid of killing people and destroying bodies. On the contrary, they asked with great interest that the disciple of Zongmen had been killed, and a fire of gossip was burning. (Niu Wen’s novel ~ reading the novel online) is a happy episode before robbing the treasure.
"The front is quicksand area, quicksand, there are countless monster beasts inside, and the worst is the worm hidden under quicksand. They can control quicksand, and they can even spew out the venom of a special dirty magic weapon. I was accidentally attacked by them, and my life may be difficult to save. " Nong Yu, a female trainer, explained to Wang Guang and the evil monk in great detail. "Dan Shi was once killed by those sandworms. We must be careful this time."
Wang Guang nodded and smiled: "We just hunted the Luo family’s spiritual practitioner, instead of grabbing the magic weapon. We don’t have to fight hard when we meet the worm. I think there will be no big problem."
Tens of thousands of practitioners gathered in the quicksand area and wandered around. Those monster beasts and worms either disappeared or were wiped out by tens of thousands of practitioners.
Three days passed quickly, and more and more practitioners gathered. Later, even the Dan masters appeared here, and more clansmen joined forces to mobilize all their masters to divide the quicksand area, ready to grab the magic weapon at any time.
"Maitreya Buddha is just an ancient magic weapon. How can it attract so many people here?" The evil monk scratched his head in annoyance. He really couldn’t understand why an ancient magic weapon was so attractive.
"Murphy that ancient magic weapon is powerful? Or maybe there is something special in that ancient magic weapon, otherwise it will never attract so many people. " Wang Guang also wondered in his heart, but his main goal was to search for Laurence family practitioners, so the doubts in his mind were quickly thrown aside by him.
Seeing that the number of gas practitioners is increasing, the three men spread out to search for the trace of the Luo family gas practitioners. Fortunately, Taoist Nong Yu picked the breath of Laurence family practitioners, so the three of them were not afraid of each other’s changes in appearance and temperament, but simply used their breath to search for each other.
The wave of practitioners was carefully examined by Wang Guang, and for three to five hours, no trace of Luo Jia practitioners was found. At this time, the quicksand area below began to shake constantly, and the sand and gravel rose like a fountain. Obviously, the hidden magic weapon below was about to be born. As a result, Wang Guang was extremely anxious. If he can’t find the trace of Luo’s trainer before the birth of the magic weapon, I’m afraid he will get nothing this time.
Just as the Taoist priest was anxious, Taoist Nong Yu suddenly sent him a message in the distance, saying that he had found the Laurence family trainer. Wang Guang did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly followed the advice of Taoist Nong Yu to find the past.
"This is the boy," said Nong Yu Taoist, pretending to hold the arm of diabolism and secretly telling Wang Guang as a Taoist couple.
"It is this boy." Shun Nong Yu Taoist line of sight, Wang Guang saw his goal. It was a handsome practitioner who looked only twenty years old. The practitioner was accompanied by three or five girls, each of whom was unusually beautiful, and her smile was very attractive. "It seems that this boy a lot."
In Wang Guang, a face of ferocious insidious smile, the earth shook violently, and thousands of quicksand went up into the sky. Seven or eight unprepared practitioners were caught in the quicksand-like body, and all of a sudden they were smashed into a paste. Other practitioners are also yelling at each other.
Some people throw out magic weapons to protect themselves, and some decorate flag arrays to defend themselves. There are all kinds of strange means, and only the Taoist priest in Nong Yu and the evil monk who just found him are stunned.
"Maitreya, I have seen thousands of people fighting to cast spells, but this is the first time to see tens of thousands of people casting spells. It is really spectacular." The evil monk muttered excitedly. If he didn’t want to sneak up on the Luo family trainer with Wang Guang, he would have rushed to the middle of those people to boo.
"That kid moved." Wang Guang didn’t pay attention to this spectacular scene at all, but just kept a close eye on Laurence family practitioners and wouldn’t let him out of his sight.