I cann’t believe I met two robbers. Han Yang heart dark scold at the same time also secretly surprised his premonition just now I didn’t expect to return true his mama met disaster.

Han Yang raised his hands and said, "You two are foreigners, aren’t you? My younger brother is from the orphanage. The total money added up is not enough to take a taxi, otherwise I wouldn’t risk taking a shortcut back."
"Damn it, cut it without money!" The robber who covered his face in front cursed, "I’m carrying a murder case on me anyway. This kid will chop off his fingers first to find out if there is any money on him."
The man behind the head jar voice jar spirit should be 1 tandem to Han Yang double-team.
The alley is narrow and the low walls on both sides are not high, but it is impossible to go straight up. Han Yang is now locked in the middle by two masked robbers.
"Will you pay for the last time?" In front of the robber asked in a low voice at the same time on the left side of the wall there was a sound of metal across Han Yang know each other this is to take a knife and things like that.
Shit, it seems that these two are habitual criminals who have fled here. Han Yang heart secretly surprised in front of the gangster said he was carrying human life when really spread out a vicious. Han Yang knew that it was true that only people who had killed people could have murderous look, which was absolutely impossible to imitate. Three years ago, Scar Tiger, who was caught by the police in a street and later put back, also had this momentum. Han Yang felt flustered for the first time.
There are two people on the other side, and both of them should have murder weapons, and at least one of them has killed someone. Maybe it’s a wanted man on the run … Fuck you, big head ghost, it’s really bad luck to let this happen to me today! Han Yang cursed 1 in his mind and his brain was moving fast. He knew that maybe the other party was going to be covered up.
He himself is half a hooligan, and naturally knows that under the present circumstances, a murderer on the run who has committed a murder case would never mind killing one more person, because if it were him, Han Yang would certainly have the same idea. This kind of person would definitely not leave a flaw if he pinned his head on his waistband, so that the police would have time to catch them.
"Damn it, I have to fight!" Han Yang secretly bitten to grind his teeth. I only hope that he is really an undead Xiaoqiang now. He doesn’t want to be stabbed several times, and he doesn’t want to die because of this. There used to be a group of brothers who helped him, but now they are on their own.
In an instant, Han Yang immediately analyzed that the robber in front of him was far bigger than the tough guy behind him. The momentum on him was not as cold as the one in front, but if he turned his head and jumped at the one behind him, he might be stabbed with two holes in his back, but if he didn’t make up his mind now …
Damn it, spell it! Han Yang a cruel big deal is better to be stabbed than to die going astray!
Han Yang made up his mind and immediately recovered his biting when picking a son in a rogue street. He was a kind person, but I don’t know why his subconscious always led him to the direction of violence. Every time he fights, he is the smallest but the fiercest, which will earn him a reputation as a gangster. Now Han Yang is to rely on this vicious to flee for life.
"Card!" The robber who was standing in front of Han Yang seemed to be about to start work. Han Yang took a deep breath and shouted, "Fuck you!" All his muscles tensed up and rushed at the robber behind him desperately. At this time, he was really desperate.

The first chapter IX demons (below)
"Hey, hey, a little rascal." The robber who killed anyone stopped at this time and smiled strangely. "Second, let him see what strength is. This kind of hooligans who mix up on the street also want to fight with the two brothers! "
Another robber replied with his standard accent, head jar voice jar spirit. As soon as he raised his hand, he caught a punch made by Han Yang with all his strength, and then gently pulled Han Yang’s left hand like a weightless thing and immediately dislocated it from his shoulder joint.
"fuck!" Han Yang’s cold sweat was so painful that it took him a long time to scold out the pain brought by his left arm, which made his line of sight all wired.
The big man grabbed Han Yang’s neck before Han Yang could react and slowly lifted it up.
"Uh … ahem … mom …" Han Yang only felt a blockage in his throat, and his trachea was choked with something. Only now did he realize the horror of these two robbers. This is definitely not an ordinary robber or a murderer, at least it should be specially trained!
"Brother, what about this boy?" Han Yang, a big man, suddenly let go of his hand and suddenly fell down. His chest banged on the ground, only to hear the sound of "Ding". That piece of jade hanging on his chest since childhood was so broken.
"Hey, hooligans, kill it. Our task is finished. Anyway, we don’t care about killing one more." The first robber said with a smile, "I just wanted to grab some money for show, even if this kid wanted to die himself."
Han Yang just heard a little mystery at this time. The two robbers are not real robbers or murderers, but guys like agents who just do a case to hide their identity after finishing. It happened that they didn’t know the details and actually made them want to kill!
What should I do? I can’t beat them both!
Han Yang hasn’t caught his breath from the anoxic environment just now, and suddenly he feels a tightness in his chest, which turned out to be lifted by the big robber again. This time, he didn’t let go of Han Yang’s meaning, and let Han Yang punch and kick, which is how he held Han Yang’s neck.
"Uh … ahem …" Han Yang only felt that a vague breath in the brain had gradually weakened, and he would suffocate in a few minutes. The fear of death kept haunting Han Yang. He felt his throat getting drier and drier, and the air in his lungs was decreasing, and his neck was pinched tighter and tighter.
"I’m … I’m going to die …" Han Yang’s face was flushed and he was already blue. He realized that death was getting closer and closer to him, and he was afraid.
"I can’t die … no …" Han Yang suddenly roared out loud. Then he stared at the big man with fierce eyes.
Strange things happened at this moment, and suddenly there was a crisp sound of broken bones in the darkness, and then there was a stuffy hum from the big man …
A Taoist Mo, who was meditating on the balcony in the two most fashionable fortune-telling Chinese medicine shops in this city, opened his eyes and exuded a dust-like temperament. His eyes surrendered to the northeast and muttered to himself, "What a terrible grievance!" The next moment, there was no Taoist figure on the balcony, and at the same time, the Buddhist beads in the hands of the monk who was chanting next door stopped at the moment when the Taoist opened his eyes and announced the name of the Buddha, which disappeared out of thin air in a faint yellow light.
The faint moonlight finally shone into this alley. The big robber just grabbed Han Yang’s right hand by the neck, and now all five fingers are abnormally turned back. Obviously, they were artificially broken. Look at Han Yang again. At this time, his eyes are red and bloodshot, staring coldly at this big man who just wanted to kill him.
The big man suddenly felt a chill and felt a sense of fear in his heart.
Just now, I was laughing at the robber. At the moment when the big man snorted, he flashed close to Han Yang’s body. With the moonlight shining into a little faint white light, he flashed to the back of Han Yang’s neck and disappeared.
"…" Han Yang seems to be sensed danger completely against common sense, and his red eyes are facing the man with a more extreme degree, almost sticking the blade of Bi to duck this fatal knife. The big man and the robber with a dagger are all one leng. Suddenly, they feel a burst of depression in their chest. The teenage boy in front of them is like a wind tunnel, which constantly inspires them with huge coercion.
"Touch" and "touch" two robbers’ bodies just flew out of thin air under the gaze of Han Yang and slammed into the low wall behind them, shaking off a burst of smoke. Haven’t wait for the two men to slow lead strength to Han Yang has been close to the two people’s bodies, and a faint moonlight shines on Han Yang’s left hand and there is a kind of unspeakable strangeness.
The murderous look is really a murderous look that will only happen after killing someone, but the murderous look feels really weird. Han Yang hand slowly toward the two people’s neck in the past …
A cold from the bottom of my heart suddenly produced that feeling in the consciousness of two people, as if I had fallen into the endless Luo Cha hell. As Han Yang’s hand stretched out toward their necks, their eyes became hollow. They … seemed to see the people who had been killed by themselves running towards them one by one to make them want to die! "Ah-"The two men’s bodies trembled uncontrollably and tightly shrank into a ball. The deepest fear from their hearts made the two people who had been strictly trained completely collapse!
Han Yang’s hand suddenly paused in mid-air, but the next second, his mind shook and his left hand flew and landed on their necks. There was a crunchy click, and then the bodies of the two robbers collapsed, and the breathing between the nose and mouth became free and finally disappeared completely. It took only ten seconds from metamorphosis to Han Yang’s murder.
"Huhu ….." Han Yang’s eyes returned to normal color. He crouched down, exhaled and panting, and looked at his left hand in disbelief. It turned out to be a murder this time! He himself didn’t understand why such a powerful force had just exploded. It was incredible. Han Yang clearly remembers that this time, he just took those two people whose strength is far higher than his own as children’s play. And in the end, he killed them irrepressibly. Shout as if there was a voice shouting in my heart …

Chapter II Adoption by a Diablo iii
The night was cold and a gust of wind blew through Han Yang, and I couldn’t help shivering. I didn’t expect that I really killed someone, although these two people really deserved to die. It’s not the first time that the amazing strength suddenly broke out like just now. It happened as early as when Han Yang began to mix hooligans and fight with people in a street. Only at that time, Han Yang laid hands on him with discretion and never killed each other uncontrollably like tonight.