The three of them came to Zhu Rong’s little sister and were about to say goodbye. Zhu Rong’s little sister’s eyes were fixed on the broken sword in my hand. Before we could speak, she said, "benefactor, can you show me your sword?"

Chapter 123 Meet wandering souls again
I saw Zhu Rong’s little sister ask so solemnly that I thought there must be something wrong, so I handed her the broken sword. Zhu Rong little sister gently caressed the blade with her hand, her eyes closed slightly, as if feeling something. The three of us watched her fondle over and over again, and for a long time, she opened her eyes and said, "benefactor, I’m sorry, little sister is really unable to awaken the spirit of Fire Island on the sword." If you want to wake it up, you have to throw it into the magma pool. It’s too risky, benefactor. I’m afraid you’ll lose it if you still can’t wake it up. What do you think? "
"You mean, the supernatural beings on the sword are sleeping? I want to ask you, if you throw the broken sword into the magma pool, is it possible for other pieces to be awakened? " It turns out that the broken sword can’t provide me with warmth for a reason.
"According to my perception, I think if I can wake up the spirit of Fire Island, the others should be able to wake up, benefactor. Would you like to have a try?"
"Try, why don’t you try. Instead of letting it be like this, it is better to gamble. If it can make the broken sword return to its original state, it is of course the best, but it is really not. Just think of it as a useless sword and throw it away. " In the case that I really can’t handle the broken sword, my heart is really chaotic.
"benefactor, this sword will not be melted by magma. With the spirit of Fire Island, don’t worry about anything. Let’s try it in the magma pool. "
"Ok, let’s go and have a look." I invited the thief and his wife.
Huodao magma pool is located in the center of the island underground, about ten kilometers away from the ground. Sister Zhu Rong added a fire spell and some auxiliary spells to each of us, and then sent us to the magma pool.
The magma in the magma pool is bubbling loudly. If my little sister didn’t give us a spell without breathing at the same time, we would be dead if we stayed here for one minute. The fiery magma made the whole underground world red. The little dragon and the little phoenix in the pet space, without my permission, whimpered and flew over the magma pool one after another. Xiaofeng looked at Xiaolong, made a demonstration and plunged into the magma. Not to be outdone, Xiaolong danced a few times, and a fierce man plunged into the magma pool.
The behavior of the two pets frightened the thief and his wife, and they stared at the rolling magma. In a short time, the pool surface tumbled, and two pets came out of the magma in tandem, and suddenly rose to about ten meters above the pool surface, spitting flames at each other. As a result, phoeny is of course no match for Xiaolong. There was not a feather left, so it fell straight into the magma. Xiaolong was so happy that his paws danced around and whined.
After phoeny fell into the magma, she was reborn with a bright flame. The reborn phoeny seems unconvinced and wants to give the little dragon a flame. I stopped them in time: "You two stay there honestly and stop fooling around! When my broken sword is ready, you will go fishing for me, do you hear me? "
The two pets had to stop in the air and nod at me. Xiaolong actually made a face at Xiaofeng, looking like a little man who succeeded, and several people laughed.
Little sister Zhu Rong carefully used mana to lift the broken sword over the magma pool and slowly put it into the pool.
The broken sword, which had lost its luster, immediately became red when it came into contact with magma.
"Success, success!" Zhu Rong little sister cried excitedly. As a result, I accidentally loosened my hand holding the broken sword and the broken sword fell under the pool. "ah!" She exclaimed when she woke up.
"Ha ha, little sister, don’t panic, there are two pets here!" I shouted to the two pets over the pool, "Why don’t you go and get our hero’s sword?" !”
As soon as the two pets heard the cheers, they dived at the same time and got into the magma at once.
When Zhu Rong’s little sister saw two pets enter the pool, she smiled apologetically at me and said, "benefactor, this method is finally useful."
"Ha ha, little sister, thank you! The broken sword is a peerless magic weapon only when it is restored to its original ability. Without your help, I don’t know when it will return to its original state. Thank you! "
"It’s very kind of you. Without you, our Zhu Rong family wouldn’t wake up. It’s me who wants to say thank you."
"Well, there’s no need to say anything polite. When they get the broken sword out, we’ll have to trouble you to give us another ride."
"hmm." Little sister Zhu Rong turned her face to the pool surface.
The magma rolled, and Xiaolong Xiaofeng flew out carrying a radiant broken sword.
When I received the broken sword, the thief and his wife leaned in. The black thief said, "Brother, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that your pets would be so powerful that even magma couldn’t melt them. Awesome! Awesome! "
"Ha ha, brother, God never really cares for anyone, including me. Do you know that?/You know what? It is because I have these two pets that I have to face many more people and things than others. Ok, little sister, give us a ride and send us directly to Tiger Sword. "
"Ok, please close your eyes."
Although my eyes are closed, the white light released by my little sister is still a little dazzling. After the light, we appeared outside the Tiger Sword City.
I just wanted to enter the city, but I didn’t expect a familiar figure to come out of the portal-wandering god.
When it’s a narrow way to go, the world is so small!
The wandering gods also saw us and were coming towards us.
When he came up to me, he looked at me up and down, and finally murmured, "Is it sealed? Who on earth would have this ability? Since he won’t come out, there is no need for me to stay here. " As he spoke, he turned into a dragon, and he was about to leave with surprises.
I was so angry with him that when I saw him leaving, I shouted, "Go slow!"
When the wandering god heard the cheers, he stood in front of me in human form and asked in amazement, "What’s the matter? You don’t want to fight with me, do you? "
"Yes, I just want to fight with you. Do you dare? " I don’t know where I got the courage, but I said it when I was hot.
"Come on, I don’t play with you. Without magic possession, you are no match for me. If you really want to fight, I will stand here and cut it for you. If you cut me to death within ten strokes, I will never bother you again. "
"Do you keep your word?" I’m afraid he’ll go back on his word, so I’ll hold him back quickly.
"Joke, let’s protoss people never lie, besides, you are just small human beings, and we don’t have to lie to you. Come on, God will honestly pick up ten tricks from you today. "
I was delighted, because I had noticed that the fiend beheaded me, and when I installed the broken sword after the reply, the display was usable. Hey, the wandering god is wrong today. I’m trying to get rid of my power again today, and I want to give this arrogant god some color to see see.
The wandering god is so conceited that he even disdains to look at me and closes his eyes. The thief and his wife nervously looked at the tall wandering spirit, and their faces were full of worries.
I pulled out my broken sword and shouted to the thief couple next to me, "Brothers and sisters, please help me to be a witness today, and at the same time help me count well to see if I have more than ten tricks!"
The wandering god seems to be a little impatient, urging, "Hurry up if you want to fight, why are you still talking so much nonsense?" Hurry up. "
Hey hey, isn’t it easy to leave? I’ll just send you back to your hometown!
Raise the sword, stroke and circle, and I use all the strength in my body. The broken sword absorbs the surrounding energy unscrupulously, and suddenly it shines brightly, mixed with black, red and green lightsabers, like Youlong, passing through the wandering body. Although the wandering god found something wrong when the sword was almost physical, it was too late. The powerful destructive power of the Dark Devil’s chop has been best verified on the broken sword, and even those who are better than wandering souls have turned into white light under its power.
Hey, hey, I’ll give you a free ticket. You don’t even have to fly. Looking at the wandering god who turned into white light, I smiled with satisfaction.
Chapter 124 Yin God appeared
This time, I just felt a little tired and stopped being in a coma. The thief and his wife came forward, and the black thief was concerned and said, "Brother, are you all right?" "It’s okay. Haha, you all saw it, I defeated the wandering god! "
"well! Big brother, you are amazing! " The thief gave me a thumb.
"Brother, it is enough to prove that god is not all invincible. Look, who is coming over there? "
Hei Hu with Wolf evil and a bunch of people are coming towards us.
"Brother, why don’t you say hello to the tiger sword? Who were you fighting with just now? " Hei Hu asked as soon as he got near.
"Ha ha, old black, that’s ok, had a fight with an arrogant guy and sent him back to his hometown. Lao Hei, I brought you two friends. Please come to town. "
"Well, let’s talk about it in the city, Brother Wolf. Give your brother a hand."
I have rested for a while, and my fatigue has eased. I declined everyone’s help and reluctantly followed them into Tiger Sword City.
At the same time, at the temple resurrection point.
"MD, how is it possible! How can a small human kill this god? !” The resurrected wandering god sat on the ground, still remembering the scene in his mind.
"hey! Why are you here? "
The wandering god came to his senses and saw a familiar figure. His gloomy face immediately turned cloudy and sunny, and he smiled and said, "Sister Yin Shen, aren’t you the same? What are you doing here?"
"alas! Stop it. I had nothing to do this morning, so I went to the underworld and had a fight with that old guy. As a result, I accidentally came back. What about you? Come on, come on, why are you here? "
"alas!" The wandering god also sighed a long time and said, "I’m more timid. At least you hung up because you had a fight with an old guy, but what about me?" But it was brought back by a little human! I really can’t figure out how human beings can have such a powerful force? "
"eh? Brother wandering, is this true? Is there really a human being who can kill you? Tell me who he is, and I must go and meet him. "
"Come on, don’t you think I have no face? Besides, I promised him that if I lost, I wouldn’t bother him again. How can I break my promise? "
"good! You don’t say anything, do you? Then I’ll find it myself! I don’t believe that human beings are really that powerful. Brother Youshen, you wait, I’m going! "
"Ah! Wait! Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the boss? Come back, don’t mess around, come back! "